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Freely accessible by anyone with a browser. Just Scan the βTag™.

Team Send!

View video and annotated images so you can finish a climb you're stuck on!

1 App, All Climbing Gyms

Share your climbs, progress, and beta with friends across multiple gyms!

The first of its kind.

No other app tailored made for climbers and developed by climbers that allows tracking progress and sharing beta.

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Scan the βTag™ or Area Posters!

Don't waste time aimlessly browsing instagram or youtube for beta. Get it seamlessly by scanning the βTag™ with your phone's camera or NFC tag reader. During competitions, scan to enter your attempts and compete with others with live scoring!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have an account to use this app?

Nope! You can access the database, browse climbs, and see beta without an account. We envision this app to be used by both gym members and guests. However, you'll be missing out on a few key features like checking in with your phone and the ability to tick and bookmark climbs to track progress!

Do I have to download anything?

BetaBoulders is originally an all web application. You can access it on your browser (phone or desktop) and use all the features. You can also choose to save it to your homepage. However, BetaBoulders is on Google Play and coming soon to iOS App Store.

Isn't this considered cheating? Doesn't this ruin the fun of climbing?

At the core, we want climbers to get better by seeing beta shared by others. We believe that it's good practice if you're able to mimic another person, especially on a route you couldn't otherwise have done on your own. As a climber, try to use it as your last resort or look at beta for a climb you otherwise didn't think you can do and train!

Accessible Anywhere

Available for all* major mobile and desktop platforms.

*Tested and working on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. QR Scanner incompatiable for chrome on iOS devices.