Connecting gyms with climbers

with easy to scan tags delivering beta videos and
analyzable performance metrics.

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Adding Value to your Membership

And giving you tools to gain and retain.



We listened to Gyms: Organization is the problem and our tags are the solution.

Attach our dynamic and reusable βTags™ to your climbing routes, and skip the process of reprinting by using the in app QR Scanner to reset! Gyms can also use Area Posters linking multiple routes into one tag.

Scan, Tick & Reset

Our system revolves around the idea of scanning to quickly gather information.

With any QR Scanner, climbers scan routes they completed to save it or to navigate directly to the climb's page where they can checkout the solution and beta along with other route information. From there, we gather key metrics and instant feedback for a gym's disposal.




Leveraging Cloud computing and storage for climbing

With a database of climbs, your climbers and setters can refer back to past climbs at any time and browse the newest climbs you've just set up.

Using Data to Your Advantage

The data we collect goes a long way towards building better climbs and making happier climbers.

Every climb has a quality star rating from 1-5 submitted by climbers. We collect data on what routes are being scanned for beta and which are being ticked so you can see what climbers like, what grade and styles are in demand, how well the routesetters are setting, and what kinds of climbs to set next using this information.

Intitituve Competitions

Do you do climbing competitions? If you do, you can ditch the scorecards and forget about gathering up volunteers to tally up points. Not to mention the hour or so to count! Climbers can scan during a live comp to have their points automatically tallied in realtime and view a live scoreboard for maximum competitiveness. They can see who's ahead before the competition is over and push themselves harder. Simply just create a competition and add the climbs you want to it!

Your Gym's App

With BetaBoulders, your gym gets its own app and webpage without all the hassle and overhead in developing. Send push notifications to your members to give them a heads up on events, new climbs, and wall take downs.

Include an events calendar, address for directions, hours of operation, images, promos, and more!

coming out photo
coming out photo

Focused on Gyms and Beta

As climbers ourselves, we wanted to build an app that prioritizes giving climbers of all levels the means to complete a route and save it. We figure that gyms can use this information so that they can be put towards making better climbs and happier climbers.

To demo, gyms may contact us for a free sample kit with reusuable tags.

Adding Climbs Integrates Seamlessly with Your Workflow.

  • 1
    Log into with Any Account

    And navigate to your gym's page.

  • 2
    Add a Climb in under 10 seconds

    With a 3 step form that gathers an image and selects some basic info.

  • 3
    Add Beta Videos and/or Annotations

    To help your climbers who are stuck using the video uploader and/or annotation tools.


App Guides and How-to's

How to: Add Climbs

How to: Scan and Tick

How to: Reset βTag™


Frequently Asked Questions

As a gym, what do I have to do to integrate this into our system?

Our app is a standalone web application. All that a gym has to do is be included in our participating gyms. Once you have a gym account, you're good to go! Best of all, since its all web based, you don't have to force users to download another app! (But you still can if you like)

Does this app require more work for our setters?

Betaboulders is designed to make this approach as easy as possible with reusable tags that saves gyms the trouble of reprinting tags and a quick 10 second add climb process. In fact, versus printing/taping/laminating your own tags, by using Beta Boulders, you save time while gaining useful data and providing additional services to your members and guests.